We keep the communication lines clear and simple! We talk straight….and we deliver on brief, on budget and on schedule, every-time! 

It’s no secret that today’s film and production landscape is becoming evermore challenging to navigate effectively.  Along with elevated client expectations, challenging budgets and tighter schedules; it takes savvy production to deliver projects on time and on budget; be it a one-day commercial, a high-end fashion stills shoot, digital content for multiple platforms, or an eight week feature film.  We love filmmaking and our 45+ years of combined experience equips us with the knowledge, skills and confidence  that exceptional filmmaking demands.

It’s our belief that each project brings its own set of unique challenges and requirements and, with this understanding, we don’t apply a “one size fits all“ approach to our projects. 

Having produced throughout South Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, we’ve ventured through a multitude of terrains and built an extensive network of professional contacts in all fields along the way. 

We pride ourselves on our proven ability to provide innovative production solutions that not only answer, but exceed your creative requirements and expectations.


Anton’s lateral, sometimes out-of-the-box thinking culminates in a “can do” approach to solving challenging and complex production issues – however, whenever and wherever they occur.

Amanda's experience with both small and big budget projects, combined with her understanding of the bigger picture, enables her to comfortably and quickly adapt to changes; follow through with confidence and deliver, both financially and creatively.

Having started out as a Copywriter for Y&R in the mid eighties, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I yearned to be more involved in the overall, big picture of the creative process.  This precipitated a move into Agency production with experience and invaluable insight gained into the production needs of large international and national brands.

Then the call came offering the opportunity to jump the fence from Agency to Production Company.   The next three years were spent learning from some of the original masters of commercials and feature production in South Africa at the time.

1993 saw the opening of One Step Beyond, the company going on to be recognized as one of the pioneers of the then emerging service industry in Cape Town.  

The following twenty years were spent producing and servicing international clients from around the globe and whilst based in Cape Town, saw productions throughout Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, as well as in Italy and Dubai.

2013 heralded the formation of Skinny Films, an organic evolution of One Step Beyond, offering a wider range of content production services, ranging from commercials and online digital content to TV series and feature films.

So, from shooting in deserts, jungles, cities and on stages – from  up in the air, to underwater and everything in between, the passion for resolving complex production challenges remains my driving force.

My life-long passion and enthusiasm for film motivated my move to Los Angeles in 1998 to study Script Writing & History of Cinema.

Returning to South Africa in 2001, I focused on production where I spent the next several years working with, and learning from, some of the best local and international commercial Producers and Directors.  In 2008 I was the Unit Production Manager on “The Silent Army” (Cannes Film Festival “Un Certain Regard” in 2009) which re-ignited my passion for the technical and creative process of filmmaking.

In 2010 I was given the opportunity to Line Produce Oscar-nominated Director Paula van der Oest’s “Black Butterflies”.  The film’s achievements included Tribeca Film Festival 2011 winner for Best Actress, Golden Calf winner for Best Picture, Best Editing and Best Actress, as well as six SAFTA awards in 2012.

I Produced my first feature film “While You Weren’t Looking” in collaboration with Out in Africa in 2014.  WYWL screened in over 68 international film festivals and picked up Germany’s Pink Apple Award for Best Feature in 2015.

I am a Completion Bond approved Producer and Line Producer with extensive South African DTI rebate experience. I have a love and curiosity for film and a true appreciation for the collaborative process inherent in filmmaking.  My extensive experience in both features and commercials  as well as being being a creative at heart – enables me to analyze scripts from development and shepherd a project from script stage through to final screening.

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